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Eastland-Fairfield Programs Available at GLHS

Eastland-Fairfield Programs Available at GLHS

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools has just completed another record-breaking application season. While many of the programs are housed in one of their two high school campuses, some of their amazing programs are available to our students and they never have to leave the Gahanna Lincoln High School grounds. Through the partnership between Eastland-Fairfield and Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools, the following satellite programs are available to your students:


Explore a variety of fields including agriculture, medicine, forensics, genetics, food science, research and lab data reporting, and more.For more information, go to: 

Architecture & Construction Management

Design the buildings and homes of the future! This custom-built program is for students who can visualize a project, work through mathematical problems, and communicate ideas to an audience. For more information, go to: 

Sports Medicine

Combine classroom knowledge, hands-on practice, and the latest rehabilitation and training technology to best learn how the human body reacts to diet and physical exertion.‚Ä®For more information, go to: 

Teaching Professions (two-year)

Prepare for your career as an educator by developing skills in designing learning environments, lesson plans, and classroom management then put it into practice through shadowing experiences and internships. For more information, go to: 

Teaching Professions (senior-only)

This one-year, senior-only program provides students the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of education by introducing students to classroom management, curriculum development, and a variety learning styles that can be applied to K-12 education environments.For more information, go to: 

These satellite programs are primarily designed to serve the curriculum demands voiced by our students and District. Each program is led by an experienced industry professional who is dedicated to helping students with a passion in that field to find their way and build their future. Your students will not only receive a high-quality, hands-on education relevant to their interests, but they also will be afforded an experience unique to their peers that will give them a head start toward their pursuits.

These programs are completely free to your students, but seats are limited. If a student would like to apply to a program of interest, please visit If you or a student have questions or need additional assistance, please see your school counselor or contact the EFCTS Career Services team via email at

For more information on any Eastland-Fairfield program, visit